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SFF Saturday is a group of authors who post snippets of SFF prose and poetry for comment. You can check out other SFF Saturday posts, too.

My snippet is another few lines from a work in progress called Herald (at the moment). Eventually, the project be a fantasy loosely based on the Hundred Years War, but it’s in the very early draft stages.

Previous Snippets:

I can’t believe I’m up to the tenth snippet! We’re also closing in on the end of this scene…

When we last saw Denis and the enemy King of Angth, the Red King had just let slip that he needed Denis alive and unharmed. Hmm…

“Sire, my value to the Prince is slight–”

“If your Prince does not see your worth, then he’s more a fool than I thought.”

The blunt statement silenced Denis and dried his already dusty mouth.

“I have enough of your court for ransom.” He flicked a hand out toward the remainder of the field. “Finish your duty to your King, herald, then bring me the count. I would know both Our pains.”

He could only bow at that. “I thank you, Sire, for your leave.”

“I have no desire to hear the screams of the dead.”

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23 thoughts on “Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

  1. jmfilipowicz

    I don’t want to hear the screams of the dead either. My snippet is over on my website as usual. I have to stop forgetting to add my name to the list.

  2. Good snippet. Love that line about the screams of the dead as well.

  3. ““I have no desire to hear the screams of the dead.”

    Love this line! (Even if T.M. beat me to it.)

    🙂 Heidi

  4. So the naming of the dead stops them from haunting the living?

  5. Ooh interesting premise! Nice one 🙂

  6. I second Heidi’s comment. I love the last line!

  7. Ooo! Sweet. Awesome dialogue!

  8. Screaming shades do tend to disturb one’s sleep. Nice work, especially with the brusque tone of the dialogue.

  9. Ohh. Very nice!!

  10. It must be SOME relief to him that he’s valuable, with all those weapons and dead men around.

    • He’s pleased is valued, but somewhat terrified that its the enemy King who values him.

      Thanks for reading!

  11. Fantastic last line!

  12. There’s more to this king than first impressions gave.

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