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SFF Saturday is a group of authors who post snippets of SFF prose and poetry for comment. You can check out other SFF Saturday posts, too.

My snippet is another few lines from a work in progress called Herald (at the moment). Eventually, the project be a fantasy loosely based on the Hundred Years War, but it’s in the very early draft stages.

Previous Snippets:

When we last saw Denis and the enemy King of Angth, Denis had just stood up a little to fast and it a little too close to the king. The king’s companions were not happy and draw their weapons.

Denis ignored the naked blades. “Too many names.” He looked across the field. “And not enough.” Blinking back the sudden moisture, he kept his gaze on the battlefield. “Grant me leave to continue, Sire. There aren’t enough of us, I fear, to finish before sunset.”

“I’ve set my Herald to the task. The Duke of Anjay follows to name those William does not know.”

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15 thoughts on “Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

  1. Whew! Still standing and not bleeding out from being sliced up by the king’s guards. Sounds like a win to me.

  2. Naming the dead – makes for an interesting character. Having to put a marker on each of those lost from your memories of them would weigh heavy on anyone. Nice original niche.

  3. He is calm and collect–Denis. I love him. And this atmosphere. The King so easily brushes off his requests, but in a way that is not confrontational and yet scary all the same.

  4. Denis knows (or at least believes) he is doomed. It makes his stern devotion to his task convey even more depth of character. I’m enjoying how this sequence develops.

    • Thank you. πŸ™‚ Yup. At the moment, Denis is fairly certain his hours are numbered. He might as well do the most good, enemy king or no.

  5. Maybe he’ll get out of this without emulating Swiss cheese after all. But, the king’s comment doesn’t lend a lot of confidence toward that.

  6. I like the way this is going.

  7. I like how he stays so focused on his responsibilities. Am thinking the king might appreciate this quality.

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