Writing Projects

The Tyras Key

When Elasi Lord Essen Tyras saves Silvia Drost, a human newspaper reporter, from a particularly nasty type of assassination, the last thing he expects is to be thrown into the convoluted politics of the Elasi court. She’s just one human, and not even of note. But someone has set an ancient evil after her and it not only threatens Silvia’s life, but the lives of all Elasi and humans in the city of Estefe. Worse, it might just force him to become the one thing he has never wanted to be. King.

Duty to the Crown

Journeyman woodcrafter Peradon Metlos has a secret that could bring down the wrath of the entire Elasi nobility upon him. He’s a tracker, able to find anyone, anywhere. Unfortunately for him, the King’s man wants to hire him for just that reason. Even worse, he wants Peradon to find the King. Saying no brings death.  But so does saying yes…

Hell or High Water

Half-fae Drystan Morgan is quite happy to live the life of a human as ordered by his king, but when his fae cousin Iorwerth seeks his help to find Iorwerth’s missing nineteen year-old daughter, he finds himself fighting a warlock powerful enough to tame demons and summon angels. In Pittsburgh, of all places.  If he is to save his cousin’s child–and his own life–he’ll need to use all his fae-born powers. And that will bring the Wild Hunt down upon his head. Again. Either way, he’s in for a hell of a fight.

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