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Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Old Wounds #18

It’s Saturday! Which means more Science Fiction Saturday posts! It’s a blog ring of SF/F snippets and you can check out other SFF Saturday posts, as well.

Today, I’m sharing more from a short story called Old Wounds. This is the eighteenth part. You can find the other parts here.

When we left Master Sorne, Ambrose was about to explain what the cargo he “lost” was…

“Gems, mostly lower-grade garnets, but also some very large uncut emeralds, and one sapphire the size of an egg that was to go to the capital.”

To Estefe. A sapphire that large should only go to one person, but the way this was playing out… “It was not sent to the King.”

“No, nor to any jeweler I knew.” He held up a hand to forestall her comment. “I’ve sent shipments of jewels to the City before; I know the names of the best. No, this was to a gentleman named Moroloch.”

Sorne nearly reached for the hilt of her sword. “Moroloch is no gentleman.”

Huh! How about that.

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Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Old Wounds #17

Well, hello again! It’s Saturday, and I’m trying to get better about posting my Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday snippet. It’s been a while, but  here’s another snippet from Old Wounds for you. This is the seventeenth part. You can find the other parts here. And honestly, even I need to figure out where we were… ah, here we go!

When we left Master Sorne, Ambrose let on that he’s a trader. And he made a bad deal with the wrong person. What happen? Well…

He nodded. “I also move other items, including delicate or expensive cargo.”

Ah. “You lost someone’s shipment.”

“I don’t lose shipments,” Ambrose said, each word sharper than the last. “It was stolen, probably by the bastard who hired me. I should have said no. Had I been smart—” He ran a hand through his hair.

“The cargo?”

Oh, well, look at the time. I guess we’ll find that bit out next week!

(ps. You can check out other SFF Saturday posts, too.)

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Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Shades

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been rather busy lately, between the day job and life and writing. I’m waist-deep in revising my fantasy novel, Duty to the Crown, based on my agent’s suggestions. It’s all good stuff. Tightening things, raising the stakes, allowing the character to be more of who he is… and making the story more epic. That novel is set in the same world as the snippets I had been sharing of Old Wounds.

Meanwhile, my alter-ego has also been writing a romance. So it’s been a lot of back and forth between projects.

But I have missed SFF Saturday quite a lot. So here I am again! And I noticed there’s a prompt now… shades.

Well, I didn’t have anything with the word “shades” in it, so I chose to use shade. Here’s a snippet of a novel that’s currently trunked called The Tyras Key. It takes place about 350 years after Duty to the Crown. So same world, just later.

Had she been home, Silvia’s shower would have run cold by now. She missed the shock of the change that told her when to stop sulking. In this shower, she could regret forever. She rose and shut the water off. Enough.

She donned the dress her father had left for her. While made of silk, it was of a simple cut, nothing like the ball gown from the previous night. The dress was a violet close to the shade of a twilight sky and had a belt of black leather long enough that its tail rapped at her ankles. The colors spoke of endings, of death.

Perfect to wear for an execution.

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