Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Old Wounds #3


It’s time for another SFF Saturday Snippet! What’s SFF Saturday? It’s a group of authors who post snippets of SFF prose and poetry for comment. You can check out other SFF Saturday posts, too.

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be giving you snippets from a short story I wrote called Old Wounds. This is the third part. You can find the other parts here.

When we left Master Sorne, she’d taken her sword in her hand.

All of the coin for the shop, the precious metals, the gems, she kept in a safe at the back of her workroom. She only displayed the ironwork in the front and a very few inexpensive jewelry pieces in a case. For the bulk of the wealth the shop held, the robbers would have to enter this room.

They must be incredibly stupid thieves. Everyone knew who she had been. Even with her lame leg, she could still best all but three people in a fight, and those who could defeat her had no need to steal gold.

The floor squeaked in the main part of the shop, but not close enough to have been Dilan. Someone spoke, too low and soft for Sorne to decipher the words.

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20 thoughts on “Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Old Wounds #3

  1. Master Sorne sounds kick ass. I sword fight would be a fun read, but I have a feeling the intruders aren’t really thieves…I wonder if I’m right πŸ˜‰

  2. Verrrrry interesting about only three people being able to best her in a fight. Foreshadowing, perhaps? Hmmmmmm. I must say, these snippets are such teasers, lol. Ends right where you don’t want them to, lol.

  3. Fascinating for all the reasons above. Great, revealing details smoothly leveraged in.

  4. I love the fact that she specifically knows the exact number of people who could best her – that’s an awesome detail. It’s a great build up throughout the whole snippet that something big is going to go down and the confrontation is mounting. Great read and anxious to read more.

  5. I’m with Tara. Something in the tone of the snippet leads me to believe these aren’t your garden-variety robbers! I’m leaning toward kidnappers, or maybe I’ll go with the opposite end of the spectrum and say long lost friends. Great snippet!

  6. This is so exciting and terrifying at once. Due to her skill with swords being well none, they’re either stupid as she assumed or something scarier than what she’s thinking. And I worry for hr apprentice. Gripping, Ann!

  7. Three against Master Sorne? Pfft! Puh-lease! Can’t you throw something challenging her way?

  8. They’re unlikely to deal her physical harm or steal her materials, but what kind of emotional injury is she vulnerable to?

  9. Oh, exciting! She’s like a Yoda. Keep it coming!!

  10. Ryan Attard

    Sounds like one badass female protagonist. Cool, wanna read more!

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