Happy New Year!

Fireworks over Pittsburgh

Fireworks over Pittsburgh. Photo by daveynin

Well, my first resolution is to blog more often. As you can see, I’ve rather neglected my poor blog. So, to that end, I’ll be getting back involved in SFF Saturdays. I’ll also be blogging my module on Worldbuilding for non SF/F writers. And just randomly posting about how my writing is going.

2013 had ups and downs. One of the biggest ups was becoming a client of Jennifer Udden at Donald Maass Agency. I’m in the middle of revisions with her at the moment. Hopefully, 2014 will see these books out on submission!

The worst event of 2103 was not writing related. In October, lost my 14-year-old cat Jon to complications with diabetes. Jon was a European Burmese and a sweetie-pie. Full of purrs and cuddles and love. Animals crawl right into your heart and it’s hard when they’re gone. But I’m grateful for the time we did have.

Also in 2013, my pen name published a short story and the novel published in 2012 came out in Paperback. It’s currently a finalist in the EPIC awards for Best Paranormal Romance. The winner will be announced in March.

As far as writing goals for 2104:

  • Wrap up revisions on a romance novel for my pen name.
  • Wrap up revisions on a fantasy novel for this name. It’s set in the same world as Old Wounds, though with different characters.
  • Write new romance novel for pen name.
  • Write a sequel to fantasy novel above.
  • Edit some of my short stories and try to sell them.
  • Clean my office so I have somewhere professional to work.

What are your goals for 2014?

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