Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Old Wounds #17

Well, hello again! It’s Saturday, and I’m trying to get better about posting my Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday snippet. It’s been a while, but  here’s another snippet from Old Wounds for you. This is the seventeenth part. You can find the other parts here. And honestly, even I need to figure out where we were… ah, here we go!

When we left Master Sorne, Ambrose let on that he’s a trader. And he made a bad deal with the wrong person. What happen? Well…

He nodded. “I also move other items, including delicate or expensive cargo.”

Ah. “You lost someone’s shipment.”

“I don’t lose shipments,” Ambrose said, each word sharper than the last. “It was stolen, probably by the bastard who hired me. I should have said no. Had I been smart—” He ran a hand through his hair.

“The cargo?”

Oh, well, look at the time. I guess we’ll find that bit out next week!

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6 thoughts on “Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Old Wounds #17

  1. Ha. Nice place to leave off and what greater insult to a trader than to say he lost a shipment. Fun stuff. Can’t wait to see what it was.

  2. Oh man! And then what. These little snippets are frustrating. Good stuff as always!!

  3. That was soooo not 10 sentences. *pouts*

    I’ve missed Master Sorne. I’m glad you’re posting again.

  4. I can see it will be fun to see Ambrose learn from his mistakes and turn into the trader we all expect him to become. 😀

  5. I have an uneasy feeling about just what was in that shipment.

  6. It is SO annoying when someone messes with your cargo! Go get ’em!

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