Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Old Wounds #14


Another Saturday has arrived! That means it’s time for another SFF Saturday Snippet! What’s SFF Saturday? It’s a group of authors who post snippets of SFF prose and poetry for comment. You can check out other SFF Saturday posts, too.

Kind of an exciting week on the blog. I wrote about my issues with writing women MCs and then blogged my letter to SFWA. And then my blog exploded. Things seem to be settling down, though.

I’m off today to meet with my writing mentor, but I’ll leave you with another snippet from Old Wounds. This is the fourteenth part. You can find the other parts here.

When we left Master Sorne, Ambrose, her stranger, was feeling a bit woozy and had asked to sit down.

“In back.” She nodded over her shoulder. “Let me turn the sign and I’ll join you.”

She walked past him, picking up the gun as she went. It took a moment to disarm the thing. Rumor had it even the Palace guard trained to use them now. Good to know all the weapons, though a part of her balked at that thought. But it wasn’t her place any more.

She flipped the sign and locked her door. When she joined Ambrose in the workroom, she handed the flintlock back to him and took a seat in her worktable chair.

She did what? o.O

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18 thoughts on “Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Old Wounds #14

  1. I always have a great sense of the whole picture reading your snippets. It’s always easy to remember the last one, and I look forward to the next.

  2. “Wasn’t her place any more” reminded me of Shepherd Book’s mysterious past. Makes you wonder what might have come before.

  3. Heidi Ruby Miller

    Good character insight, Ann! And you kept the action and plot moving the whole time.

  4. Agreed. I always look forward to your snippets.

  5. Your blog exploded? *clicks around to check*

    Ummm… and yes… Master Sorne did what?

  6. Every word counts. I like how you pace this scene and reveal just a little more with every word. Excellent characterization of Master Sorne by having her hand the flintlock back to him.

    • Thanks! She’s less concerned about it now that it’s not armed and Dilan is gone…

  7. Great snippet…love the descriptiveness.

  8. I’ll jump in with JC here and love how the snippet, even in this short space builds and adds in the details. Subtle but a treat as a reader. Great snippet!

  9. Thank you so much!

  10. Sorne seems like a very sharp and confident woman, I’ll definitely be checking back in for her further exploits. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Intriguing hints at her past, and she obviously doesn’t feel she has much to fear from Ambrose.

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