Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Old Wounds #10


Holy Cats! It Saturday again! That means it’s time for another SFF Saturday Snippet! What’s SFF Saturday? It’s a group of authors who post snippets of SFF prose and poetry for comment. You can check out other SFF Saturday posts, too.

It’s Mother’s Day in the US and, as it happens, my parents are visiting this weekend, so I’ll be running around with my mom and seeing my grandmom and doing other related family activities.

But while I’m out and about, here’s another snippet from Old Wounds to keep you entertained! This is the tenth part. You can find the other parts here.

When we left Master Sorne, her mysterious guest wanted her to break into the Palace. She said no. Very decisively, despite the gun still pressed to Dilan’s head.

“She won’t betray the King. Not for my life, not for her own.” Dilan opened his eyes and met Sorne’s gaze. “You could bathe the streets red with the blood of the town’s residents, and it wouldn’t sway her.” He’d gained some of his color back.

The kid had a spine after all. If they survived this, she’d work with him on building that up. “Dilan has the right of it.”

The stranger pulled back the pistol slightly. “They have my daughter.”

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20 thoughts on “Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Old Wounds #10

  1. That last tidbit of information will tend to sway folks. Good snippet.

  2. When your daughter’s in trouble, fathers will move mountains to help them. Though I don’t agree with the stranger’s approach, Master Sorne had better agree to help him.

    Just sayin’.

  3. Agreed. Under the circumstances, parents will do unspeakable things.

  4. Great last line. Paint this guy as a villain and show his propensity to violence and then give him another layer and show why he’s doing this. Love the character development. Can’t wait to read more.

  5. Wonderful cliffhanger in the last line. That little revelation changes everything, doesn’t it?

  6. That last line definitely makes one think twice, that’s for sure. Hmmm. Must go and think about it 🙂

  7. Dilan couldn’t have said a smarter thing. Excellent tension and dialogue.

  8. Sounds like something other than breaking into the palace (which didn’t sound all that possible to me anyway) is needed.

    • Yup. There needs to be another solution…

      Sorne could get into the Palace without a problem. But she isn’t about to betray the king.

  9. Well done, turning the situation with one sentence.

  10. What a conundrum! I love the snippet, especially Dilan’s line :).

  11. I agree. That last line spins everything around. Great job

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