Happy Belated Release Day!

I was away on vacation when this happened, but happy belated Release Day to Robyn Thomas!

Her Indulgence, His Unexpected Family, was released from Entangled publishing recently.

I love this story. It’s sweet and smart and charming. I was the Associate Editor for this book, and again, I jumped at the chance to work with Robyn. Her voice is beautiful.


Cover for His Unexpected Family by Robyn Thomas

Here’s the cover and book blurb:

Sometimes you have to take the leap… again.

Newly widowed with a new baby, Ren Jamieson is putting her life back together after her thrill-seeking husband’s death. But when she’s called to show a high-end property to a prospective client–a commission she desperately needs–she meets a man who makes her pulse pound like nothing she’s ever known…

Cole Matthews is more than he seems. Real estate is only part of the reason he’s in Australia–the other is to see Ren, and make amends somehow for the life lost. The last thing Cole expects is a woman whose humor, sweetness, and sexiness give him a rush greater than any he’s ever experienced…

Torn between her growing feelings for Cole and the risks of loving yet another adventurer, Ren will have to choose between keeping her feet on the ground… and taking the most dangerous leap of her life.

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One thought on “Happy Belated Release Day!

  1. Thanks so much, Ann. I’m looking forward to working with you again. *stops commenting on blogs and returns to edits

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